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Our Mission

Check Systems offers a smoke alarm testing and home safety compliance service in the Brisbane market place that absolutely guarantees every compliance visit has completed our rigorous checking procedure prior to being invoiced. If the work is not done the invoice is not issued.

To be Brisbane’s premier home safety experts to the residential Real Estate industry.

To provide unprecedented business communications and accountability to the real estate industry.

Check Systems Capability

Our technicians are trained in the complete and thorough checking of all conceivable bug bears relating to the three elements of compliance that real estate agents are responsible for including smoke alarms, safety switches and corded blinds.

They are trained to utilise our state of the art mobile phone ap. that steps them through a checking process designed to meet the requirements of a full property compliance check.

Our electrical contractors are carefully selected for their business acumen, technical ability and reliability.  They are fully licensed and insured in their own right.

Our technicians and electrical contractors are aware of the legal requirements across all three elements of compliance.

Check System Capability

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