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Pin point accurate quotes & reporting supporting Brisbane real estate

Our smoke alarm and home safety experts spend more time at inspections than any other residential compliance business.

We collect more detailed and accurate information and produce the most meaningful assessments on how to upgrade properties to new legislative requirements.

We are searching for the right kind of property agent

We are looking for organised and innovative real estate or property agents in Brisbane that we can include in our new legislation upgrade strategy.

  • Our aim is to provide an excellent solution to a carefully selected group of property management professionals who care about high quality work.
  • All of our inspections carry a 30 day service guarantee.  If after 30 days you are not happy with our work then you get your money back.
  • Our fee structure is a per property annual fee and this is tailored depending on the volume of properties and how close they are to each other.

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Accuracy and quality are critical for compliance.

We deal in risk mitigation to protect agencies and landlords.  Trying to reduce the quality of inspectors, quality of work and amount of time assessing risks is CRAZY and unnecessary.  Check Systems places a major emphasis on quality inspectors spending the required time to investigate every detail.  Thats how we produce such accurate and detailed reports.

Compliance Using Technology

Our data and reporting gives you confidence.

Our whole business is geared around data collection and reporting.  Our field workers have to enter very specific information via a mobile app. that controls their inspection procedure.

Our reports provide you a very clear picture of how your rent roll or letting pool is performing in relation to smoke alarm compliance and home safety.

“We have been using Check Systems for more than a year now and they have been great to work with.  I especially like how proactive they are in providing us with useful information through the entire process from scheduling through to completion.  I feel like they are across our large rent roll and can be relied on.  We never have to ask for information.  I would recommend them to anyone that needs compliance work done.”

Anna – Brisbane Real Estate Agent

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Compliance Mobile Technology

The backbone of Check Systems is their software system that was specifically developed to suit the needs of a Brisbane based real estate or property management agency.

Mobile Compliance Technology

Remote Monitoring

Because Check Systems operates a cloud system the central control office has extensive remote monitoring capability.

Compliance Remote Monitoring

Communication Process

We believe great communication is key to helping you save time.  Take a look at the range of initiatives we implement when you engage us for compliance.

Communication Process


One of our highest priorities at Check Systems is to be fully accountable and transparent. For this reason systematic reporting is a key part of our service offering.