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Human Resources

We are always on the look out for talented and qualified field workers who have a great work ethic. If you would like to find out about becoming smoke alarm compliance and risk management field worker please contact us via our contact us page.

Check System Capability

Field Workers

We take great pride in carefully selecting Field Workers who are qualified to check and test property compliance in relation to the current building code of Australia and QFES guidelines. All field workers are also capable of making necessary adjustments to corded blinds to ensure they meet compliance standards and generally assessing safety risks at a residential property.

Technicians aim to leave every property compliant and will adjust or mitigate blind cord risks achieve this.

Our Electricians

Where electrical installation is required we deploy experienced electricians. We take great pride in carefully selecting Electrical Contractors that are reliable and accountable. Here are some of the major benefits of using our smoke alarm installation service:

  • the installations are handled and guaranteed by successful business owners who understand the importance of accountability
  • the electricians carry all the necessary qualifications in particular the electrical contractors and electrical workers licences
  • the electricians carry their own industry standard insurance providing an extra layer of insurance protection
  • they work hard because they are also representing their own business
  • prior to selection they can provide references from their past and existing clients

Note:  We have preferred contractors and a fixed price list for all scenarios. Engaging  us for electrical work is optional.

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