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Compliance Mobile Technology

The backbone of Check Systems is their software system that was specifically developed to suit the needs of a Brisbane based real estate or property management agency.

A powerful cloud system that connects the central control office seamlessly with the mobile phones carried by technicians with an easy and fail safe mobile app. developed around legislation and industry recommendations.

This technology features the following key elements:

  • Cloud database platform allowing real time data updates from both central control and active technicians
  • Data is always safely stored at multiple locations mitigating any risk of data loss
  • Easily keeps track of annual due dates for compliance checks
  • Easy scheduling of jobs allocated to active technicians in any zone
  • Ability to easily enter work orders for interim checks or compliance related maintenance
  • Click of the button download of entry notices ready for dispatch
  • Click of the button download of daily job lists with key numbers for easy key preparation
  • Click of the button download of invoices and compliance certificates either individually or in batches
  • Click of the button download of Job Compliance Summaries by date clearly outlining all technician feedback
  • Click of the button download of notes relating to any jobs that have been rescheduled at any time
  • Technicians have easy mobile phone access to their job list on the days that they are working pre-set in an order that is optimal
  • Technicians are forced to follow a set process and must complete this prior to the job being invoiced. All data is checked by a central control office before invoices and certificates are issued
  • Complete reporting of all properties and all jobs can be provided at any time. There is virtually no limit to the kind of reporting that can be produced for the managing agent because it is based on the detailed data that is collected by technicians.

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