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Key Services

Install Interconnected

Experts at installing wired and wireless interconnected smoke alarm systems.

Service Interconnected

Experts at servicing interconnected smoke alarm systems.

Risk Management

Risk management support for residential Property Managers.

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Here is what some of our customers have to say…

There are some specific legislative requirements that put pressure on scheduling and reporting in relation to smoke alarm compliance and this coupled with our procedures required the specialist skills of Check Systems. - Sandy - Brisbane Real Estate Agent
They respond very quickly to work orders and provide a fast turn around on compliance certificates and invoices.- Zoe - Brisbane Real Estate Agent
I have used a lot of different suppliers on the property industry and I find the approach Check systems takes to customer service refreshing.- Malcolm - Brisbane Property Professional
I especially like how proactive they are in providing us with useful information through the entire process from scheduling through to completion.- Anna - Brisbane Real Estate Agent
They really seem to be on the ball with their compliance checks and appear to be quite thorough. - Ray - Brisbane Property Professional
It has been really good to get a complete outline of what bind cords need adjusting, which safety switches are faulty and when there are issues with smoke alarms. - Steve - Brisbane Real Estate Agent

We Prioritise YOUR Properties

Because our business is solely dedicated to servicing the local Brisbane area, you can rest assured that you will have our full, undivided attention while we work on your properties.

As such, you’ll never have to worry about us being pulled away or distracted by calls from a national client base!

We’ll Ensure all Your Alarm Systems Comply with New Legislation

With old installation practices being phased out, it is more important than ever to ensure your properties are legal to lease with proper alarm systems. We’ll not only install alarm systems, but also interconnect them to help satisfy new legislation.

Clients & Affiliations

Here are some of the businesses we have been collaborating with to mitigate safety risks at residential properties in Brisbane.  By working with our various clients and affiliates we keep track of the latest updates on legislation and best practice and ensure bulk volumes of properties in Brisbane are compliant.

Preferred Brands

We prefer to use the following high quality brands when installing smoke alarms at properties.  These brands carry a warranty period, are recommended by industry experts and are reasonably transparent about their protocol in relation to product testing and satisfying the Australian Standard.

Compliance Using Technology

The backbone of Check Systems is their compliance software system that was specifically developed to suit the needs of a Brisbane based real estate or property management agency.

The system is a cloud operating system allowing real time monitoring of job progress while compliance technicians enter job data directly to a central database. Technicians are forced to follow a fail-safe compliance system that is up to date with the latest compliance laws and standards.

  • Compliance Using Technology

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